Spanish for Executives Philanthropies

Spanish for Executives philanthropies

What is Spanish for Executives Philanthropies?

Spanish for Executives Philanthropies is an idea brought to life. It's something very easy and simple: just to name, encompass and structure all the nice things that Spanish for Executives does day in and day out.

Why did you create Spanish for Executives Philanthropies?

María Laín Valenzuela promotes Spanish for Executives philanthropies

In her private life, Maria, the founder and director, is a very committed person: she supports different charities and is involved in different social organisations.

Inspired by la Fundación Rafael del Pino, who generously sponsored her research at Harvard University, she has decided to "pay back" in a structured way, going along with this philanthropist viewpoint and raising its profile in the corporate world.


Who do you help?

We are not a conventional charitable project: Our aim is "to help to help", that means we help influential people or organisations to learn how to help others. Our biggest strength is our great expertise in teaching the Spanish language to leaders. So, all our activities are related, somehow, to this area.

Can you help me?

Well, you should definitely try to apply by completing the form below. If we cannot assist you, at least we may be able to point you in the right direction.

Can you help Spanish for Executives Philanthropies?

YES! We are open to three kinds of help:

1/ Advice

If you have bright ideas for Spanish for Executives Philanthropies just let us know using the form below.

2/ Volunteering

If you want to volunteer at any of our activities just let us know. Trust us: your efforts would be towards something nice for you and society.

3/ Donations

If you wish to support Spanish for Executives Philanthropies financially please click here; we may be able to provide tax advice upon request

If you wish to support Spanish for Executives Philanthropies financially please click here; we may be able to provide tax advice upon request. 


Current ongoing programmes:

"Take a penny, leave a penny" 

Do you want to pay a bit extra to support the tuition fees of a peer? With the programme "Take a penny, leave a penny" we invite our students to pay an extra 10% on their fees to reduce somebody else's fees by 10%. This will help a fellow learner experiencing hardship (ie.: unemployed). In addition, for promoting this goodwill, Spanish For Executives will reduce fees by an extra 5%. Please contact us for more details.


"Young Talent Awards" Spanish For Executives Philanthropies Mentoring award


  • 2025: Applications open. Please contact us using the form below for further details.
  • 2024: Mentee Ms Marta Fernández Martín- Moreno (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, ICADE)
  • 2023: Mentee Ms Blanca Fernández Puyol (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid)
  • 2022: Mentees Dr Inmaculada Macías Alonso (PhD in Organizational Behavior (IE University) & Postdoc in Gender and Economic Development (Harvard University)) and Mr Víctor Pérez García, (Master in Public Policy MPP from Harvard University, and BAs in Economics and Business Management from Pompeu Fabra University). 
  • 2021: Mentee Dr Marta Urech García de la Vega (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid) 
  • 2020:  Mentee Mr Jesús Presa Granero (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid)  "Impressive attitude and drive"
  • 2019: Mentee Mr Marco García (University of Westminster, London) “Excellent efforts in his research on new technology for media 2019"

 Further information

The Cohete Accelerator Programme

The Cohete Accelerator Programme is an innovative and transformative platform by Spanish for Executives and Spanish for Executives Philanthropies.

Specifically crafted for British companies eager to expand their reach into Spain and Latin America, this non-profit accelerator is dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship across borders. Our mission is straightforward: to make international markets accessible for British companies.

Learn more

"My...nas Scheme"

"My sisters - Mes sœurs - 我的姐妹们 - Minhas irmãs - أخـواتـي - Le mie sorelle ...: Mis hermanas" which short form is "My...nas" : 

"My...nas", in a nutshell, is a scheme that encompasses different initiatives focused on Female Top Leaders. We upskill and connect female leaders across the globe who share the Spanish language/cultures for business purposes; both native speakers and learners. Spanish is spoken in 21 countries as a first language by +500 million people: We want female leaders to deliver in Spanish as they are doing in their own mother tongues or English. We believe this could be one of the factors in helping to break the 'glass ceiling' and turn the 'corporate male domination' into 'corporate sisterhood among ambitious professionals' in the international playground. Being part of the programme Spanish For Executives Philanthropies My...nas has some perks, please contact us for further details. 


"Spanish for MBA candidates by Spanish for Executives": 

At Spanish for Executives we are delighted to support the leaders of the future. We offer to finance part of the private language tuition via our programme "BECA - Spanish for Executives MBA candidates scholarship". The aid would be granted as a non-repayable grant. Further details are available on Spanish for MBA candidates by Spanish for Executives.


"Vitiligo: a skin condition": 

Vitiligo is a condition in which the skin loses its pigment cells (melanocytes). This can result in discoloured patches in different areas of the body.

We support this cause: any researcher, doctor, project manager and professional involved in researching this condition can apply for a full scholarship for a 1-to-1 short programme (max. 5h, T&C apply).




Vitiligo day 2020 - Spanish for Executives Philanthropies