B2B e-Learning Pilot programme - Spanish for Executives

We are calling all businesses which have foreign executives, directors, managers and ambitious professionals based in Spain

Spanish For Executives digital ambitious B2B e-learning plans include you!


Aprender español por video conferencia con programas personalizados es ahora una realidad con Spanish For ExecutivesWe are all aware of the importance of communication to deliver excellence. English is spoken worldwide and leaders can leverage this when managing multinational teams. But, face the reality: in Spain, we speak in Spanish (among other official languages), and to truly integrate into society you will need to speak the language. Being a leader is not always easy, more so if you cannot make strong connections speaking the common language. We also know that you don´t have a lot of time to commute to Spanish lessons with other people that have no clue about your world. Can you really compromise your time and money with inefficiencies?  

How does Spanish for Executives B2B digital tailored solution work?

1 We tailor products for each company and do individual programmes for each executive.
2 The students book in their agenda for 2 or 3 hours a week, a week in advance. 
3 The lessons will be one-to-one and will take place by video call.
4    Our teachers are professionals in different business areas, and they have been trained and qualified by Spanish for Executives in our unique method. This double-profile is the key to the success of our students: We will arrange each lesson with the exact profile of teacher that the student needs according to the point of the programme. 
5 Satisfaction guaranteed.





Spanish for Executives can offer you a real career boost by learning Spanish


 - Very straight forward, students book their lessons at their convenience, connect at the agreed time and make the most of their efforts.Spanish for Executives offers a private and tailored tuition

- The teachers understand the student's world as they belong to the business universe, they are not just language teachers but carefully selected professionals. 


We are looking for a select group of companies to implement our pilot, who will benefit from exclusive rates and early bird advantages. Our aim is to work with various sizes, from SMEs to multinational corporations.


B2B pilot programme Spanish For Executives

The launch of the pilot is scheduled for shortly so applications will close soon.

How to apply?

Please fill the form below and please describe your company, how many people would like to participate and your needs: