Spanish for the REAL business world by Spanish for Executives

Spanish for the REAL business world by Spanish for Executives

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We are delighted to announce this programme to improve your Spanish skills for the real business world.

It's a 5 sessions programme and you can also attend individual sessions.

By attending, you will improve your Spanish skills for business, meet like-minded professionals and have good fun! Join us!

What's involved in the programme?

The programme tackles real life situations in the business world, with role plays, idioms, extreme situations...: We have created a hub to develop each student's skills in safe conditions, empowering each individual with useful tools to gain self-confidence speaking Spanish.

Each session covers a blend of different exercises and topics in the business world. As in real life, you will be presented with different situations in each session to solve, using Spanish.

You can make the most of it by purchasing the whole programme or alternatively attending single classes.

Who should attend?

Every single expat, ambitious professionals, Executive board members, diplomats, middle management... Everyone who wants to learn Spanish for the real business world and to network effectively in the language.

The level of the lesson will be broad intermediate+.

Is this programme for me?

We are sure that your Spanish grammar and your performance doing textbooks exercises is fine, but, is that what you need for real life?

Executives and ambitious professionals need a programme tailored to their needs.If you are tired of lessons based on small talk (sangría, food, holidays...) and you want to be able to chat about finance and politics to enjoy and make real progress in your career, then search no more.

What will I obtain?

1/ Stand out in the competitive job market
2/ Increase your influence and be a better leader
3/ Improve and expand your relationships
4/ Keep yourself at the cutting-edge of international market trends
5/ Develop your cultural richness

Who is the teacher?

María possesses a unique profile: solid international corporate background + entrepreneur + she loves teaching!

Maria is from Madrid and lives in London and Madrid (always on a plane!). Since 2008 her aim has been to set and achieve strategic and marketing goals, for multinational corporations (Diageo, Time Inc), public sectors (Spanish Embassy in London), start-ups and SMEs.

She is bubbly and enthusiastic; she adores marketing and business, science, nature, and she is a bit of a book worm! Amongst other studies, she has an International MBA, BA in Advertising and PR, BA in Applied Communications, and is a certified teacher by Instituto Cervantes & Roehampton University. Also, she is a certified and licensed official DELE examiner. She speaks English, French and Spanish; which is her mother tongue. Spanish for Executives is the second business project that she has created and is currently leading.

She loves to teach and to help people to reach their particular goals.

How much does it cost?

The five week programme price is £210, but you can buy each session for £49 (+ fees). After each lesson, you will be invited to a glass of wine so you can network with other students and people invited by Spanish for Executives.

When and where will it take place?

We will shortly announce the next editions in London and Paris after the Madrid success.

We also deliver this workshop in-house, so do not hesitate to make your enquire.

What happens if I miss a session?

No worries! You can always buy the 5 sessions programme: We will have some make up dates.

Search no more! 


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