Spanish for Finance I : Introductory course.

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SPANISH FOR FINANCE I by Spanish for Executives is the perfect approach to the language for CFO and managing directors (and ambitious professionals).

We will teach you the basic Spanish finance language, expressions, vocabulary and actions; the course is three hours and is delivered via video conference by a private tutor (1-to-1) in two sessions of one hour and a half each.


  • Basic finance vocabulary
  • Basic finance transactions I
  • Financial figures I
  • Corporate structure I
  • Accounting I

This course is the first of a ten lessons series of "Spanish for Finance by Spanish for Executives". By completing the whole programme, you will have the possibility to access a final exam at no extra cost to obtain a Certification from Spanish for Executives upon request.

For Spanish beginners:  This course requires basic knowledge of Spanish. Please let us know if you would be interested in specific training to be able to access this course.

Before purchasing this course make sure Spanish for Executives has accepted your application The application process.